10 May 2015

A Beginning... is a Very Delicate Time.

Well, they say the first post is the hardest, so let's get this out of the way.

Yes, the title is a play on the opera 'The Pearl Fishers' by Georges Bizet, by way of Iain Banks, mentioned in his book 'Surface Detail'.  If you haven't read his works, hie thee unto your favorite bookstore and search for 'Consider Phlebas', 'Excession' or 'Use of Weapons'. When I'm not online or hacking offline I have a large collection of twisty puzzles, Sudoku-like puzzles and an electric concert `ukulele to keep me entertained. Or, now that the near-Russian winter has subsided I can get out and explore rural Romania.

During the workday I do some perl5 hacking, systems architecture, application profiling and performance/scaling improvements. At night I explore the undiscovered country of perl6 development, especially getting lost in a forest of abstract syntax trees and stalking the wild hyperoperators. I also hang about on the seedy underbelly of IRC (and of course, FB) helping people with their problems, often when they least expect it.

A typical topic will likely be "What's in its current tmux(1) session, preciousss?" or "What bug made me curse the most vehememtly today?" when I'm talking programming. Things will get philosophical on occasion, as time and again I see new programmers making the same mistakes as their predecessors. If they're going to make mistakes (and if you don't, you're not learning) I'd at least like them to be new ones.

And on that proverbial bombshell, it's time to start.